7 Prayers for a Seafaring Husband

It can be difficult to have a spouse who is away at sea, whether they are a Coast Guard member, a merchant sailor, or many more of the essential jobs many husbands do at sea.

In the face of that separation, it’s important to remember that prayer can provide comfort and strength as you wait for your husband’s return.

Here are seven prayers for your seafaring husband that you can use to keep them close in your heart even when they’re far away – and there’s one for every day of the week!

I’ve also included a prayer for crewmates too, as they shouldn’t be forgotten in their own dedication and service at sea.

Prayer of Protection

Dear Lord,

I thank You for the courage and strength You give my husband every day he is out at sea, and I ask You to protect him from all harm or danger.

Please grant him safety from all storms and rough waters, and guide his ship home safely. Amen.

Prayer of Guidance

Lord Jesus, please grant my husband wisdom in his decisions while he is away at sea so that his voyage will be safe and successful.

Please grant him clarity of thought and purpose so that he may navigate wisely, make sound judgements, and return safely home to me.

Prayer of Comfort

Dear God, I humbly ask You to be with my husband while he is away from home. Please fill him with comfort and peace in times of loneliness or sorrow; help him remember the love we have for each other even when we are apart; and remind him how much I miss him during this separation. Amen.

Prayer of Strength

Dear Lord, please give my husband strength as he fulfills his duties out at sea—strength to do what needs to be done no matter how difficult it may be:
Strength to stay focused on the task at hand despite any distractions
strength to keep going no matter how tired he may feel
strength to remain calm during times of stress or uncertainty
strength to stay brave in the face of danger or fear
strength to never give up hope during times of hardship or despair; and most importantly,
strength to come back home safely once more time has passed.

Prayer of Gratitude

Gracious God, thank You for blessing me with such a wonderful husband who puts his life on the line every day so that others may be safe while they are out at sea.

Please continue blessing us both abundantly so that our love will remain strong throughout this time apart until we can finally be together again soon. Amen.

row of navy ships

Prayer of Hope

Mighty God, please bring hope into my heart as I wait for my husband’s safe return home from sea.

Hope that everything will work out according to Your plan
hope that our reunion will be joyful instead of sorrowful
hope that our love will continue growing through this difficult time apart until we can finally reunite as one again soon enough
hope that despite all odds against us there will still come a happy ending one way or another down the road ahead, if only we trust in Your divine guidance forevermore above all else.

Prayer of comfort for His Crewmates

Dear heavenly Father, please bless my beloved’s crewmates with Your grace so they too may find comfort in their service at sea:

Comfort from any physical hardships they may experience during their voyage;
comfort from any mental stresses they may encounter along their journey;
comfort from any emotional pains they may suffer throughout their mission abroad…

May they always turn towards one another in friendship whenever needed regardless of whatever life throws their way until all are finally reunited back here again someday soon enough where it matters most—here on land once more with family by their side just like before.

No matter how far apart you two might seem right now due to your seafaring husband’s duty abroad these days, know deep down inside you both still remain connected through your shared faith in God’s everlasting power guiding each step taken along this difficult journey ahead.

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools available to couples who are separated by long distances such as those who have husbands at sea.

Prayers like these can provide comfort and reassurance that although we may be separated from our loved ones physically, spiritually we never have to feel alone or without support from each other or from God above!

No matter how far apart you may seem on this earth – your bond remains connected through prayer!