8 Prayers for a Lying or Dishonest Husband

I am sure you’ve heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words” before. It’s true. If you want to know if someone loves you, listen to their actions.

If you’re married, you probably already know that sometimes your husband doesn’t tell you the truth. They might lie to you about something small or big, depending on who they are talking to. Sometimes he might even lie to himself. 

There are times when we find ourselves asking questions such as “How can I pray for a liar?” or “how can I forgive such dishonesty?”. These questions are quite common among women who are suffering from their husbands’ dishonesty.

A husband who lies to his wife is worse than a thief because he robs her of her peace of mind. The Bible says, “He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love, but he But he who repeats or gossips about a matter separates intimate friends” (Proverbs 17:9).

A dishonest husband takes away trust and confidence. If, as a wife, you suspect him of lying, perhaps you will never fully trust him again. You will always wonder if he is telling her the truth.

If you suspect your husband of lying to you, pray for him. Ask God to give you discernment to see if there is anything wrong.

Don’t let bitterness get into your heart. Let the Lord deal with him through the power of prayer. Here are some prayers for a lying husband.

Prayer #1 

Dear Lord, please forgive my husband for being such a liar. Please help him to be truthful with me in future. Help him to learn to tell the truth because he will need to do so if he wants to keep me.

Please give him the strength to face the consequences of his actions. And finally, Lord, please forgive me for not believing my own eyes and ears. I know that I should trust my husband, but sometimes I find myself doubting what he  says. Forgive me for doubting him and help me to always trust him, if he is being honest.


Prayer #2

Dear Father, I pray that you will give my husband the power to tell the truth in everything he does. Help him to be honest with his friends, his family, and with me too.

Please lift the burdens from his shoulders and help him to be truthful with me. Make him understand that he can’t get away with lying because you know everything he does.

Help us to talk things through and let our love for each other be the guiding force between us. Let our future children grow up without the burden of dishonesty and teach them to always tell the truth.


lying husband crossing fingers

Prayer #3

Dear Lord, please forgive my husband for being dishonest. He has lied about many things over the years, but most recently he has told lies about his health. He says he is fine, but I know he is not. Please help him to see the truth in what he is saying. Help him to be truthful with himself and others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer #4

Heavenly Father, I come before you today asking that you forgive me and my husband for the wrongs we have done against each other. Forgive him for lying to me about various things over the years. We were not truthful with each other at times and it caused us a lot of pain and sorrow.

Christ Jesus, right now I ask that you would give my husband a renewed sense of honesty and a new heart filled with the spirit of truth. Help him to tell the truth in everything he does from this day forward. I ask that at all times he would have a truthful mind, truthful words, and truthful conversations with me and others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer #5

Lord, please forgive my husband’s dishonesty. I pray that you will help him to see the error of his ways and to tell me the truth in all things. Help him to trust me and know that I will never repeat anything he tells me in confidence. Give him a new heart, filled with your spirit of honesty.

Bless our lives together with truthfulness and let us build a happy home together. Let our future children be raised with the truth and know that it is always better to tell the truth than to lie. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer #6

Dear heavenly Father, please forgive my husband for lying to me over the years. He has told many bold-faced lies that have made me feel unsafe, unwanted and unworthy. Please open his eyes to the truth about what he has done.

Help him to see that he can’t keep getting away with things, because you do know everything he does. Please remove any burdens from his shoulders so that he will not have anything to carry around anymore.

I pray that you will give him a new heart so that he will be able to tell the truth in all things from this day forward. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer #7

Dear Lord, please deliver my husband from the burden of dishonesty that has troubled his soul for many years now. I pray that you would allow him to be free of that burden and to live life in a whole new way.

Open my husband’s eyes so he can see how much better it is to tell the truth. Give him a renewed sense of honesty and help him to be truthful with me from this day forward, amen!

Prayer #8

Dear God, please forgive my husband for being dishonest with me and others. Help him to have a renewed sense of honesty so that he will tell the truth from this day forward. Keep his eyes open so he can see how much better life is when you are truthful instead of telling bald-faced lies. I pray that our future children will be raised in an atmosphere of complete honesty and truthfulness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I hope these prayers will give you comfort and peace during this difficult time. I pray that the words of these prayers bring comfort and hope into your heart, knowing that all things are possible with Jesus Christ our Lord. May his love shine through you no matter what comes your way. God bless!