12 Prayers of Thanks For Your Husband

It is easy to forget all the small things that make a marriage strong, but it is important not to overlook them. As such, we encourage you to take time each day and offer thanks for your husband’s many gifts.

We’ve compiled a list of powerful prayers that you can use to express thanks in just the right way.

Some are short and simple prayers that you can use as a daily prayer or as often as you’d like, and some are longer, for when you want to say something particularly meaningful.

We hope you enjoy them and encourage you to share these prayers with your married friends – perhaps they will be inspired by this list as well!

Feel free and add your own words if they will better suit your situation.

Prayers to Show Thanks For Your Husband

Prayer #1

Dear Lord, thank you for my wonderful husband. Thank you for his love and guidance. I am blessed to have a man who is always there for me.

Lord, thank you that my husband works hard every day so that we can provide the necessities of life. Thank you for how he has been able to turn our family’s situation around from one where things were dark to one where there is always a glimmer of hope.

Thank you for his creativity and ingenuity, which have helped us to maintain our sense of wonder when it comes to the world around us. Amen. 

Prayer #2

Lord, thank you for my husband’s humility; he never tries to lord over others or seeks greater things than what God has in store for him. Thank you for my husband’s sense of humor; it keeps me from taking myself too seriously! I am truly blessed. Amen. 

Prayer #3

Earthly Father, thank you that I have a partner in the faith who is by my side as we serve You together. Thank you that he has helped me understand Your word better and has been a great example to me. Thank you that he has helped raise our children in the faith, and for his patience. Amen.

Prayer #4

Lord, thank you for giving my husband the wisdom needed to handle difficult situations with a cool head. He makes tough decisions based on what is best for us, not what is best for him. It’s great to know that I can trust his judgment and rely on him in times of trouble.

Lord, thank you that my husband has come through so many trials with flying colors! He never gives up or stops believing the best will happen eventually; he always looks toward a brighter future. Thank you for teaching him to be a godly man with the patience and love he has for me.

Thank you that my husband is a rock in our marriage; thank you that we can continue learning more about You together as we build a family life around Your word. Amen.

husband and child

Prayer #5

Lord, thank you for the gift of my husband. You have blessed me beyond what I could ever hope for, and I am thankful that You have given our family a chance to be happy.

Thank you that my husband is willing to take on the challenges life brings in order for us to get through this life with grace and ease! Amen.

Prayer #6

Father, thank you for my husband, who is a wonderful father, husband, and provider. In Your name, we pray. Amen.

Prayer #7

Dear Lord, thank you for my wonderful husband. Thank You for the way he is always there to support me no matter what I am going through. Thank You for blessing us with a family who loves each other deeply.

Thank You that he is my partner in life and that we are able to overcome all the obstacles that come our way. Thank You for giving him wisdom when making decisions, so that we can continue to strive towards being a Godly family. Amen. 

Prayer #8

Thank you, Father, for my husband. He is a good man, kind and loving. He is also a great provider, working hard to make sure that we are provided for. Thank you for giving him to me as a gift. I know that you have a plan for each of us, and I trust in your wisdom.

Thank you for the way that you have guided me through the difficult times in my life, and for the way that you continue to guide me even now. I pray that you will bless my husband with health and happiness, and that you will give him the strength to face whatever challenges may come his way. In Jesus’ name, amen.

supportive husband and wife at sunset

Prayer #9

Thank you, Father, for my husband. He is such a good provider and protector. He is always there for me, even when I don’t ask him to be. He is kind and loving, and he loves me with all his heart. Thank you for giving me a man like him. Amen.

Prayer #10

Father in Heaven, thank you for my husband. He is a good provider, a loving father and a great husband. Thank you for giving him to me as a gift. I know that I will never find another like him, and I am grateful for the time that I have had with him. Please continue to bless him and keep him safe. Amen.

Prayer #11

God, thank you for my amazing husband. Thank you for choosing him to be mine. Thank you for guiding him into becoming an incredible dad and providing for our children. We couldn’t do it without you.

Help us to raise them well and teach them how to live their lives according to your Word. May they grow up knowing that they belong to Christ and that they need only look to Him for guidance and protection. Bless our home and help us to become better parents every day.

Prayer #12

Thank you, Father, for my husband. He is a great provider and a loving father. He is also a good listener, and he is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done. Thank you for giving him to me as a gift. Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. Amen.

I hope this has given you some inspiration in thanking the Lord for your husband.

There are some days in a marriage where we might take him for granted, but hopefully, with these prayers, we can see him in a new light.