Prayers for a Pregnant Daughter and Daughters Trying for Pregnancy

A daughter is a blessing, and when that daughter becomes pregnant, the blessings multiply.

Parents of pregnant daughters often pray for their child’s health and safety during the pregnancy, and for a healthy baby.

In this article, we are providing prayers for a pregnant daughter as well as prayers for a daughter who wants to become pregnant. May these prayers bring you comfort and peace during this special time.

Prayers for a Daughter Who is Pregnant

Pregnancy can be challenging, even for the healthiest of women. No matter what happens, she should know that she has a loving Heavenly Father who will always love her and care for her.

As a parent, it is natural to want to do everything you can to support your daughter during this time. Here are some specific prayers that you can offer up for your pregnant daughter:

Prayer 1

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this special gift of life. We pray for our daughter’s health and safety during her pregnancy.

We ask that you give her the strength she needs to carry her baby and the wisdom to make good decisions. We also pray that her baby will be healthy and strong. Amen.

Prayer 2


We ask that you watch over our daughter and her baby during this pregnancy. We pray for your protection from any harm or danger.

We also ask that you provide them with everything they need to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Amen.

Prayer 3

Father, please watch over my daughter and her baby.

Please give them strength, courage, and peace during this pregnancy. Please help our daughter to trust in you and know that you will always be with her. Amen.

Prayer 4

Lord, please hear my prayer for my pregnant daughter and our son-in-law. Their lives are about to change in a big way and we pray for your guidance and support. Please help them to be good parents and to raise their child according to your will. Amen.

Prayer 5

Father in Heaven, please bless my unborn grandchild with health and strength. Please keep him or her safe during pregnancy and birth.

And please help him or her to be happy and healthy after she or he arrives into this world. In Jesus’ name, amen.

pregnant daughter and son in law

Prayers for a Daughter Who Wants to Become Pregnant

If you have a daughter who is struggling to become pregnant, you can offer up these prayers on her behalf. It can be heartbreaking when trying to conceive, not just for the couple, but for their parents, too.

Remember that God hears your prayers and He has a plan for your daughter’s life. You might also want to share our 50 positive affirmations for fertility and trying to conceive, to help your daughter and her partner.

Prayer 1

Heavenly Father, we come to you with heavy hearts. We pray for our daughter who wants to become pregnant but has not been able to yet.

We ask that you give her strength and hope during this difficult time. We know that you have a plan for her life and we trust in your timing. Amen.

Prayer 2

Lord, we know that you are the giver of life. We come to you today for our daughter who is struggling with infertility. We ask that you would heal her body and give her the ability to have a child. We know that this is a difficult journey, but we trust in your plan. Amen.

Prayer 3

Heavenly Father, We pray for our daughter who desires to become a mother. We ask that you open her womb and allow her to conceive.

We also ask that you heal any physical or emotional issues that are preventing her from becoming pregnant. Amen.

Prayer 4

Lord, we know that your timing is perfect. We pray that our daughter will trust in you and have hope during this difficult time.

We also ask that you provide her with the strength she needs to get through each day. Amen.

Prayer 5

Father in Heaven, please bless my daughter with a healthy baby. Please give her strength. Help her to trust in You, knowing that You are working on her behalf. Give her peace and joy as she waits for the perfect time to become pregnant. In Your Son Jesus’ name, amen.

I hope that some of these prayers will be a blessing to you as you pray for your pregnant daughter or for your daughter who is trying to become pregnant.

May God bless you and your family.